Why your social media isn’t getting you results?

August 7, 2020

Feeling jaded and fed up that your hard work on social media isn’t creating the great results for you that you see others getting. Check out our pointers below and get your social media pumping and working for your business the way you want it to….


1.You’re not actually doing it…. How many of us delegate social media to someone else in our business (or family) there is a perception that “young” cool kids are great at social media and its best left to them. Wrong, this is your business and it’s your social media account so it’s about selling you. Can someone else sell the essence of your business and what your about as well as you can? Do they know your customers like you do? The answer to that is probably no, so there is the first thing to change.

2.You’re not talking…. Ok, so your putting content out there but are you actually talking to anyone? Do you respond to comments? Are you building relationships, are you actively looking for potential clients/collaborations to link with? Get conversations going, get relationships established, this is one of the key ways of growing your social media.

3.Experiment …. Don’t just have static social media account, mix it up. Try different approaches, try different types of content, even try posting at different times. Most sites have analytics that can help you interrogate what gets the most interest or engagement, once you know that you will know how to post for success.

4.Your social media is boring….if people are not stopping by, if your content isn’t make people sit up and take notice if it doesn’t grab people then the content just isn’t interesting enough to look at, what interest you may not interest others- think about it

5.You are using too many tools…. Every time you go on to social media whatever the platform there is a raft of tools that will help grow your following, increase your visibility and so on. Don’t spend time on tools that you would be better spending on your content. Look at your own habits, what stops you scrolling, what makes you read content. Remember that what people want more than ever now is authenticity, a set of automated tools can’t give you that so put them down and get creative with your own words, your own images and your own content

6.You’re not talking it seriously…. Come on be honest, is it up there on your priority list for your business? Are you doing it because everyone else is? Being “on” social media is no guarantee of success, what matters is what your putting out there, so take it seriously, make time for it and create fantastic content for it that befits your fabulous business.