Why you should be using online consultation forms

June 3, 2020

Now more than ever with the imminent re-opening of our beauty businesses, we need to consider how we collect our customer details and how that can be used to benefit our working practices.


In this world of legislation is important for businesses to record client information and to ensure that information is held securely but readily available when needed.


If you are in any doubt about why you need online consultation forms, review our top 20 reasons why online consultation forms are essential:


1.    Online forms adhere to the principles of GDPR

2.    They are key in protecting your business from any possible legal action

3.    Allow easy access to client records

4.    Make it easier to change the content of forms

5.    Make it easier to update client records

6.    Offer a more professional image to you and your business

7.    Offer enhanced business, staff & client protection

8.    Forms a legal contract between you & the client

9.    Gives you the ability to date store client records

10.  You can’t “run out of” online forms

11.  Reduced need for any storage for paper records

12.  Offer electronic reminders when the form no longer needs to be stored (time limited)

13.  Quick& easy to delete forms if requested

14.  No issues with handwriting being deciphered

15.  Reduce carbon footprint

16.  The forms can be completed by client prior to consultation

17.  Improved confidentiality for client

18.  Improved client safety because information about their treatments and relevant information/history is easily retrievable

19.  Increased client satisfaction, you know their details and have them readily available beforehand saving them repeating or reminding you about information

20.  Helps to build a client relationship as you can be forewarned of client expectations etc prior to meeting



The Beauty App will be launching online consultation forms over the next couple of weeks. Our forms have been designed for ease of use and to be sent securely to your clients pre appointment. Our consulting method ensures that the secure return of your completed form gives you legal sign off from your client, without the need to print off and sign.


In this new Covid-19 world can you really afford to not provide an online solution to your client’s that assures them and you that you have all the relevant details needed to keep you both safe?