Why you need an appointment booking system

April 30, 2020

So, I am in the online appointment booking system business, can I justify why I think you need a system. Surely, I’m biased after all its my business.


Wrong, my business until a few years ago was nursing and as such I developed my mobile medical aesthetics business. I had all the same issues any beauty business has, getting customers, keeping customers, pricing, arranging client appointments that suited us both and my bug bear, cancelled appointments.


On the other side of the fence I’m also the consummate beauty consumer I have my hair coloured, a twice weekly wash and blow dry, eyelash extensions, nails and spray tan all done on a regular basis. So, as a customer I found my bug bears to be broadly similar to my own as a beauty provider.Finding a salon, getting appointments that I could make when I wanted (i.e. at midnight just as I was getting into bed and remembered that I was meeting friends for lunch the next day and needed a blow dry). I knew from my beauty business experience that most salons/mobile beauty creatives would have cancellations, problem was I didn’t know about them and they didn’t know about me, right there and then The Beauty App was born.


However I digress because this post isn’t about me and it isn’t about selling you the benefits of The Beauty App, it’s about why I think everyone (big or small, mobile or salon based) who owns and runs a beauty business needs a booking system if they have any hope of ever growing that business into something sustainable.


So, these benefits that I’ve pulled together are from a place of knowing the benefits to your business as well as the benefits to your client, so don’t be too quick to dismiss them;


1.    Hassle free way to manage your appointments:no more cutting into your client time by stopping treatments to answer the phone or having to check your diary then. respond to clients to say if you are free or not. You can concentrate on your treatments not on admin.

2.    Client history: at your fingertips, no more keeping paper client histories.

3.    Stores client information securely: meaning that you are adhering to GDPR.

4.    It works all day every day 24/7: its open even when you’re not.

5.    Business reporting: you can create reports allowing you to better interrogate your business and how it is running. For instance, you can see your cancellations in any given time frame and review for trends that may help you better understand potential issues.

6.    Easier accounting process: to manage invoicing and retail.

7.    Easier efficient payment processing: you can take full or partial appointment price.

8.    Manage your staff rota's: you can create staff diaries and log working days etc for staff if you have them.

9.    Increase revenue: this can be done for instance by creating packages of complimentary treatments that can be advertised to your client’s when they’re looking at your booking menu.

10.  Appointment reminder: allows you to remind your clients of upcoming bookings to support reduction in no shows.

11.  Customer convenience: most if not all of your customers are online, they are used to the convenience of buying when they want to, this includes beauty appointments.Having a booking system gives your business an efficient professional edge.

12.  Automated marketing: supports your marketing efforts by targeting your clients with information and offers directly.


Remember this list is just a broad sweep of general functionality to be gained using a booking system. Most booking systems will have a variety of different packages and functionality, so it pays to be clear on what your business needs and shop around to find the best fit for you.