When all you need is a hug ....

September 24, 2020

Never before has business and life in general been so difficult and challenging. Maybe this is the reason for the increase in interest in the Danish concept of Hygge (or the Coorie in Scotland). As we enter Autumn and the possibility of a second wave of Covid this is the ideal time to learn a bit about Hygge and how it can help to control your anxiety. Check out our Hygge friendly tips to bring you comfort this autumn.


1.    Get out into nature, ride a bike or take a walk in the hills

2.    Switch off your phone for periods of the day especially in bed and out walking in nature

3.    Cook nourishing hearty food from scratch

4.    Create a beautiful atmosphere at home with scented lit candles and cosy textures

5.    Grab a cosy blanket and watch a feel-good happy movie

6.    Linger over dinner rather than rushing to tidy up

7.    Spend a few hours curled up with a good book

8.    Write a list of all the great things in your life

9.    Learn to bake

10.  Fill your home with plants and flowers and take time to look after them