What’s so great about you?

April 27, 2020

Ask most beauty business owners who their ideal client is, and the majority will say everyone. Because of course attracting everyone gets you biggest profit and makes you successful- right?


However, attracting” everyone” means you are general, suburban, bland surely? OK, so we know that you’re not! So, maybe everyone isn’t your ideal client.


Instead why not stand out, what is it that you do that no one else does as well? Or what treatment do you offer that you know you are just the best at doing?


To separate yourself out from the herd and gain LOYAL clients who won’t go anywhere else and will tell everyone about you, you need to identify and market your USP (unique selling point).


Here are some points to get you started thinking about what could give you your USP:


1.    Identify your core customer, if its women in the 40-60 age group then tailor the salon experience for that demographic. Think about the décor, the music, the treatments, even your pricing structure can be different. Does your demographic want those wacky nail/hair colours, if not why stock/offer them? Instead focus on what clients ask for and do that brilliantly.

2.    Is your client a professional woman/man, then maybe speed and express appointments are the thing that makes your business unique. Can you tailor your treatments to those that can be done quickly? Maybe 2 stylists doing a 20-minute blow dry, my salon offers this, and I use it all the time.

3.    Maybe your clients are all working during the day and you can open late into the evening when they want appointments.

4.    Do you cater for a younger hip crowd, then make sure your business reflects that demographic, what treatments do they want? When would they want appointments? Does your pricing structure reflect their income?

5.    Think about where your ideal client hangs out and make sure that wherever he/she is where your advertising efforts are, so if its Instagram, make sure you are there, if it's Facebook concentrate on that. How would you know this? Ask them, it’s as simple as that.

6.    If you have a lot of professional working clients can you offer USB chargers or side tables for laptop use? What about battery mobile top up chargers for different phones?

7.    If you do well with merchandise, can you ramp up that side of your business? Do clients know what you sell, where you sell it and do you use it for treatments?

8.   Consider a “focus” group, invite a small group of clients to tell you what they like about your business and what they would like to see you offer. Dependant on what is feasible to your business you may find some great ideas you can implement from a group like that