What’s happening out there?

May 28, 2020

Whilst there are sign of the UK slowly starting to re-open, there is still no official guidance being offered to the Beauty Industry on how it can safety operate in a post lock down world. Whilst we await guidance,Beauty App has taken a snapshot of what other countries are doing to reduce the spread and wonders if these measures will form the new guidance for the UK industry?



Appointment only, no walk ins accepted

Salons must operate below capacity to be able to adhere to guidance

Every other chair should be empty to support social distancing

All clients must fill out a health questionnaire before being accepted for treatment

All clients must be signed in and out of the salon including what time they left

Fines are being issued to businesses who do not adhere

Salons are currently booked out 2 weeks in advance for appointments



Like Spain advance bookings must be made

Masks must be worn by both staff and clients at all times during appointment

Beauty treatments must be carried out in a closed room or cubicle

Visors or full-face screens must be worn (by the therapist)for any facial treatments

No air conditioning or heaters can be used within a salon

Opening hours should be extended to support demand



Similar to Italy face masks must be worn by all within the salon

No magazines given out

Disposable towels should be used

Only salons less than 400m2 are being allowed to open

Social distancing and increased hygiene methods must be used

Coats and bags etc belonging to clients must be bagged (air tight bag) on arrival and the bag given back to the client on leaving

Advance bookings only

Clients temperature will be checked on arrival



Disposable plastic gowns must be used

Everything must be cleared and cleaned between clients inc chairs, implements etc

No beverages served or magazines given out



Clients will be contacted by the salon on day of appointment to check if any symptoms present on that day

Faster hair washing

Unnecessary services cancelled

Salon doors kept open hands and shoe soles of clients cleaned with sanitiser and disinfectant

Some salons are offering distance treatments using long poles


There would appear to be some commonalities to the general world-wide guidance that the UK is likely to adhere to (although I’m pretty sure we won’t be adopting the use of long poles for treatments any time soon Lol).


Things like appointment only bookings, social distancing between clients, thorough cleaning of all areas and implements between client’s and the use of face masks would seem to be a general standard that we should be prepared for. Now is the time to walk through the client journey in your salon and see what measures can be put in place to protect yourself and clients at every stage.


The Beauty app is committed to supporting our businesses and client’s in reducing the spread of infection. And we will be announcing some very exciting and innovative measures that beauty professionals can use to support their infection control measures, so keep your eyes on the website and our Instagram page for announcements.