Three things that you need to consider before buying an appointment booking system….

September 28, 2020

Before embarking on the purchase of an appointment booking system there are certain factors, you’ll want to think about first. Whether you’re starting from scratch and have never used a booking system in your business before, or you’re looking at upgrading from an existing system to a new one, here’s what you need to consider before buying …


BusinessNeeds…. What do you want from a booking system, is it really just a simple diary function? Do you want it to allow online customer bookings? Detail out what you expect the system to do as this will give you a shortlist of features that your business needs. Remember that systems can do anything from diary management right through to running payroll for your staff and keeping a stock inventory.


Budget …. The budget needed often goes in hand with what your business needs of the system are. Generally, the more sophisticated requirements that you want from the system, then the higher a budget you will need to pay for that functionality. Review your business finances and set a budget that you can afford aligned to attaining the functionality that’s required. Remember that The Beauty App is a free diary and booking system, so a system with this type of free functionality may all your business needs, whilst the ability to scale up with paid for functionality as you require it can be a great starting point to getting your business fully automated.  


Practicality …. Remember that above all you need to be able to use your booking system, don’t get carried away with long lists of great things that it can do that you may never actually use. Also consider how computer savvie you and any staff using it are, don’t purchase something so complex that whilst it may have great features you struggle to actually use them. Also be wary of systems that require complex face to face training, this is a good indicator that your purchasing a complex system so be sure that this is what your business actually requires. Start off looking for a simple system that feels intuitive to use and doesn’t require days out for staff to learn to use it. Remember that as your business becomes more familiar with using booking systems, that you can always trade up to one that is a bit more suited to the needs of a large growing business.