The 10 best bits of advice I got that inspired me to live the dream of having my own business

June 22, 2020

1. Don’t be scared to ask for help, obvious maybe and yet we don’t do it. We try to keep pushing through instead of stopping to look at the circle around us to see who may be able to help us or link us to someone in their circle who can help. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that its ok to ask for help, because it is!

2. Don’t be afraid to recruit people who are cleverer than you, seems obvious but you would be surprised how many times, senior people in a business are put off by someone who might actually work within or run the business better than they can. This is ego talking and you need to get over yourself. It’s your business, nobody else’s and nobody no matter how clever, can do what you do, the way you do it! Hire the clever clogs and get on with the bits of the business that only you as the owner can do.

3. Do what matters to you, don’t do “stuff”because it looks good for you or the businesses. Your heart wont truly be in it and your efforts will be lacking. Instead look at what inspires you and do that.

4. Always be kind, it’s become a bit of a buzzword for 2020, but believe it or not being kind has been around a longtime, it was my grans mantra. The term be kind is especially relevant in business where it's often seen as good to be harsh and cutthroat. So be different, be kind, not because it’s a buzz word or makes you look good but just because that’s who you are.

5. Build a great team, you can’t do it alone.Especially relevant in business, because you really can’t do it all. Even if you are a stand-alone mobile therapist thinking that advice isn’t relevant to you, however it is. Your “team” may be slightly different from an employee type team but you still need great suppliers, you need a great mechanic who will help you out at short notice, maybe it’s great friends who can step in to pick up the kids when an appointment goes wrong. Surround yourself with people who will help and support your business because you really can’t do it all alone.

6. Don’t take rejection personally, hardest advice of all. It’s not you who has been rejected, it may be the idea you presented, the product you created, but that’s not you and it’s not personal. The person doing the rejecting has a set of needs or criteria of their own, you just don’t fit that, so it’s not right for you either. Listen to criticism, if its merited then learn from it if it’s not, then forget it. Simple and very effective advice

7. Fail fast, sounds silly, but why take ages to fail at something, learn from it and move on quickly to the thing that you don’t fail at and benefit from, so try things in small pieces to “validate”did it work. Like an email campaign, send it to a few and get a measure of how successful it was opened, or read and who clicked.

8. You can’t fail, think about it for a moment. How can you fail, if plan A doesn’t work out there is always plan B andC. Even if it’s your business that didn’t work out and if feels catastrophic now, I guarantee you that you will have learned a huge amount from it. You will go on to do something else and eventually you will look back and realise that it got you where you are now. You didn’t fail believe me.

9. You are not like anyone else, and that’s your strength. You may have a nail bar, a hairdressing salon or a nutrition clinic but it’s not like anyone else’s business because you are not like them. Your premises will look different and have a different vibe, your treatment may be the same but will done with your flourish. Don’t compare yourself to other businesses and don’t spend time looking to see what they are up to. They are them, you are you, full stop.

10. Measure your own success by your own standards, that means measure it by what it gives you that matters. So, the same business owner down the road may drive a fancy car as a measure of their success, but do you want a fancy car? Maybe not, maybe success to you is being your own boss in charge of your own time, being able to take the kids to school and pick them up, being able to afford all the wee extras the family want and having that financial freedom. Define success on your own metrics not someone else’s. Define what is important to you to achieve and then go for it!!