“Optimism is so amazing it doesn’t matter if it's yours or not” - Simple steps to becoming optimistic

May 7, 2020

We all know that sunny happy optimistic person always upbeat, glass always full. But have you ever stopped and wondered just how to become that?


Now more than ever with the challenges being presented, not just to our business world but to our personal world adopting an optimistic attitude is more important than ever. Not just to protect your mental health but to allow you to see the opportunities available to your business right now when others see doom and gloom.


So, what common traits do optimists share? If you know that, you can start to mirror those traits until they become second nature to you:


Optimists surround themselves with upbeat positive people

Optimists make a conscious decision to be happy and cheerful

Optimists are thankful for the good things they have in their life; they refuse to think about the not so good

Optimists don’t allow negative talk either from themselves or from others


Ok so now we know what traits these people have but how do you get yourself there?


1.    Learn to breathe, yeah yeah we all breath, but think about conscious breathing. Notice how your breathing changes in relation to events, people or activities, this demonstrates that your breathing is linked to your mental state, be that sad or excited. If you can learn to harness the power of your breathing, you will go a long way to harnessing control of your mind and emotions. Practice being able to slow your breathing down and being deliberate in how you breath. Learning mediation techniques is a great way of learning how to control your breathing so if you are new to this take a look at some of the apps available to help you adopt the habit.

2.    Use positive language, remember what you say affects how your mind perceives your reality so always talk in a positive manner and use positive words such as I am instead of I will. Talk in the here and now not of future intentions and never ever talk about yourself in a negative way.

3.    Be grateful, sometimes gratitude is hard especially when you feel that you have no control over events, and you are just responding to what is presenting. One of the best ways to get into a gratitude mind set is to keep a gratitude journal. Try a written journal rather than electronic, there is something very powerful about the act of actually writing things down on paper in the real tangible world. Focus on your day and what was /is good about it. Even a bad day has some good in it even if it’s only that the sun came out for an hour. Choose to focus on that sun and how it made you feel rather than that problem that arose and shook your day.

4.    Be solutions focussed, don’t focus on what the problem is look only at possible solutions. Don’t create problems or give them meaning by talking endlessly about them. Instead acknowledge the existence of the problem and then turn your attention to the solution only. Remember the old saying “there are no problems only solutions”

5.    Be kind, bit of a 2020 buzzword but the secret behind being kind is that it makes you feel fabulous, win win. Being kind to others boosts the levels of serotonin in your brain in the same way that exercise does which in turn releases endorphins which make you feel happy.Being kind therefore equals being happy, happy people see the bright positive side of life therefore if your happy, your optimistic, so be kind.


Try to identify some optimistic people that you know, think about their character traits and those you feel you could mirror, then look at some of the strategies above to take you there. Optimism is the forerunner to opportunity and right now the change in the world is presenting huge challenges that optimistic people are using to their advantage to create opportunity- so go create.