Marketing tips you need to know

September 1, 2020

1.Make sure that you have a website (did we mention that The Beauty App offers a FREE website when you sign up, allowing your clients to book direct online with you). Not only does a website get you found, but it lets client’s browse your range of services and prices, and don’t forget if you have a booking system then a good website allows your clients to book direct with you through your website 24/7.

2.Get involved in your local community, whilst this may not seem the most obvious way to market your business, it lets you keep your business marketing local, meaning you are targeting people who will actually be looking for services in that area. It also will generally give you good, local cheap marketing and getting involved allows you to offer free services as prizes to local initiatives which may also attract local media attention.

3.Use your social media, but be clever in how you use it, what images or chat will attract our clients, have you made it obvious where you are located (you would be surprised how many people don’t)and don’t forget that in most cases you can connect your online booking system to your social media accounts meaning that potential clients can quickly and easily book with you.

4.Tag onto any special days not just the usual stuff like Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day, instead go for something different like national dog day, national book day etc then think how you can use these tags for marketing and offer something themed to those days in your business

5.Word of mouth is probably the most powerful marketing tool that you have and its one we always mention in our blogs. So, make sure you take heed on this one by making sure that you give your client’s such great service and loyalty rewards that they can’t help tell others about you. Get your clients on board to be your biggest marketing tools.