Let’s talk about your client’s journey

October 9, 2020

And why is this important to you? It’s vital business information for you that’s why. It shows where you have any pain points that maybe put your clients off coming to you. It may also show barriers to actually finding you on the internet or in person, or getting an appointment and helps you to generally see your business through the eyes of the client and lets you make the changes that can really help your business grow, as we all know personal referral is the best marketing money can’t buy!!


So, let’s work through the client’s journey with your business ….


1.Who is your ideal client? Ok I know the answer to this is everyone who wants the treatment you offer, but just stop and think about this one for a minute. Who ideally do you want walking through your door and why? Draw up an outline of this person, even add a picture and note down a bit about them, where they live? How they live? do they work? what do they do? what are their hobbies? Drill right down into this client or clients and then use this description to refer back to as you go through the client journey. Having a detailed client profile can help you to market your business because you will now know where they hang out, what social media they use etc. But it will also help you tailor the client journey to the actual clients who you want to attract and help you to see why you may not be actually attracting them.

2.How am I finding your business? It is worth taking time over this step, if you have a salon are you relying on being visible on a street? Is that working for you? If your mobile how does anyone know about you and do enough people know about you? If you have a home treatment room, how do people find out you are there and what you offer? Think again about that ideal client and where they are, how would they go about finding someone who offers your treatment?

3.Why am I booking with you? Ok so you showed up where you client hangs out and they saw you, and yeah, they want the treatment you offer, but …. why should they come to you? What do you offer that’s different?Maybe it’s great free parking at your salon, maybe it’s the ability of booking you online when your client wants to, maybe you are the cheapest provider of the service. Whatever you USP (unique selling point) is be sure to exploit it.If you don’t know what yours is then the client journey exercise that you are doing now should help you to identify it.

4.How am I booking? Your ideal client profile will help hugely here. What works well for this type of client? Will they call if all you provide is a number? Do they prefer online booking is this more convenient for them? Whatever medium they choose from what you offer, consider how this experience is for them. If they call do you answer promptly, are you polite? Is it an easy fast experience for the client (and your business)? If you rely on a booking system, is it easy for the client to navigate? Does it crash frequently, can the client see clearly that the appointment is booked. It is worth keeping an eye on your booking system and also getting others especially those who may not be tech savvy to try using it on your behalf, also pay attention to comments from clients about your booking system, if they are having problems it may just put clients off booking you in the first place.  

5.So now you are booked, but does your client get a reminder? If so when and how? Have you taken a deposit? And does your client know where you are? Walk through the post booking journey and see how it feels for a client.

6.Appointment day has arrived, so, where are you? Did your client get your address sent to them? Are you assuming that they know where you are? Have you told them about facilities in the area? Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think though what might be useful to know in advance. Is there close parking? If there is does your client know this, do you sell this as a benefit to using you. Is the parking free or paid for, if its paid for does your client know how much is charged? Again, walk though this journey and think what you would like to know prior to your appointment.

7.So, you have arrived, what was that like?Is your salon/place of work easy to find? Given that clients shouldn’t (at the moment) be awaiting their appointment inside your premises, how are handling that (keep an eye on our website as The Beauty App is about to release functionality to help you deal with this). How does your salon feel on arrival, look at it with a critical eye? Is it bright and clean, how are you greeted? Do you feel comfortable and welcome?

8.How was your treatment? Did you enjoy the experience, how was the rapport with the person carrying out the treatment? Were you happy with the outcome, was it as you expected or had been told it would be? How did the treatment end? Did you feel relaxed, were you asked about your experience? Did your price seem fair for what you received? How was payment handled? Did the payment options suit you?

9.Aftercare? Is there any? What happened when you left the salon? Did you get any follow up contact, did you feel that you would return again? If not, why not? As a client what do you feel would make you return?


Keep notes as you walk through each of these steps, what did you enjoy of the experience and what did you find lacking. This forms a great basis for you to make improvements in what you offer and to build a brilliant client experience that turns them into a loyal client who will refer you to everyone they know.