Let’s keep sharing after lock down

March 31, 2020

If the current “lock down” situation has taught us one thing, it’s that we are all in this together. Never before have we seen such an outpouring of blogs, videos, text instruction all sharing how to do things, fix things or experience things.


The Beauty App is all about building beauty communities and the release of our new cancellations app will go a step further in achieving that dream, however you can make a start on this right now and not only grow your own business, attract new clients but support other businesses to grow as well.


"So how exactly do you go about sharing to boost your business as well as others?"

So how exactly do you go about sharing to boost your business as well as others?


Think about who you share clients with, jot down a list of local businesses that your customers use. It might help to look at your customer database and think of each individual and what they use. For instance, do they have great lashes- who does them? Do they always wear great clothes? What local boutiques do they use? Are they getting married? Where did they buy their gown or get their flowers?


This list forms your group of possible collaborations, now next to this list think how your business could help them and bring them new customers- how would you sell the idea of collaboration with them?


Now look at your initial list and review what you offer that may be of interest to their clients who don’t currently use you, could you offer a discount? Could your business card be added to their carrier bags? Could you do hair or make up for the local boutique fashion show/photo shoot – would the local florist offer you links to bridal suppliers if you offer a good discount or additional free treatment to their customers? Could you have a weekly display from the florist on your reception desk or give out a rose for instance to every client as they leave with a small pretty card attached advertising the local florist?

"Can you do joint collaborations?"

Can you do joint collaborations? Maybe an in house party, you do the hair/make up , local boutique brings along some of their latest range of clothing with gorgeous bouquets to buy from the local florist? What other ways can you think of to link together and undertake joint ventures.


Remember that there are a lot of local businesses that have the same or similar client profiles that you do and like you will welcome a sharing of those clients and another business to work with- we are all in this together and not just during lock down.


Kim x

Founder and CEO - The Beauty App