Is your business socially responsible?

June 9, 2020

This is the year that is changing everything. The demand has switched from designer goods to flour to make sour dough bread and we now no longer look to celebs to tell us how life should be we look to family and friends.


The buzzwords for this year have been kindness and community. We are all in this together has been the catchphrase for 2020, so how does this work for your business?


We look at 5 ways to make your business more socially responsible


1.    Where can your business make the greatest impact in your community? do you have a large hospital locally? Could you offer discounts or special evenings for those staff? Is there a large unmet need in your local community? Could you actively support charities trying to meet this need either with donations, fundraising or giving of your time?  Think about the needs of your local community and where you can help    

2.    Build collaborations with other local businesses, what can you do together to give back to your local community?

3.    Discuss your community with your staff or with your clients, if you’re a one-man band. Where do they see need, how do they think your business can contribute?

4.    Think about what your business uses, how do you source products, how do you pay staff, are there credentials that you can highlight or switch to, that demonstrate social responsibility more globally. Small changes like reducing waste, using ethical beauty products and being able to demonstrate a working knowledge of ethically sourced and produced products if client’s ask. What resources does your business use and how ethical are they?

5.    Communicate your social credentials. Make sure your community know how your business is playing its part. This isn’t about manipulation its about participation. The more you demonstrate your social awareness the more offers you will get to collaborate and give back and the easier you will find it to be socially responsible. If client’s are emerging into this new world looking for socially responsible businesses to work with then they need to know your there, so make sure you shout it from the rooftops, in fact you won’t have to because the best thing about a community is that it talks among itself and your job is to make sure they are talking about your business.


The current hiatus before we return to work is a great time to make plans around your social responsibility and to make sure that you not only communicate these great things to your client’s as they start to make contact with you seeking appointments, but also as they start to re-engage with friends also looking to work with socially responsible great businesses just like yours.