Is collaboration the new competition?

June 15, 2020

The Beauty App is founded on the idea of collaboration and community. The building of a local beauty community is what will end the pain of lost revenue due to client’s last-minute cancellations. So instead of being in competition with each other, what if we worked with each other to build a community that benefits both us and our clients.

 So, what is the benefit to your business of collaboration, we give you 10 great reasons to ditch the competition and embrace the collaboration:

 1. Can help you to resolve issues, another business who understands what you offer can help you to resolve issues by seeing things from the outside and thinking differently. What you may not be able to resolve alone may be solved by tapping into the experience of others

2. Split costs, you have the opportunity to split costs which can be more cost effective in the long run. What if your beauty business did a huge bulk order of PPE and split the cost with other businesses in your local area, what savings could be made?

3. You can promote each other’s business, if your collaborating with a nail technician for example and you offer hairdressing services, its very likely that you can promote each other’s service to your customers, or if you have a coffee shop next door can you sell their coffee and cakes at a discount while they offer promotions and discounts if customers use your salon

4. Grows your network, by collaborating with others you will open up introductions to their customers and other collaborations this is how a community starts and grows

5. Learning from others, by collaborating with other businesses you can see how they work and what systems/products they use etc. Adopting these methods may well help you grow your own business

6. Get inspired, you may see and share ideas with other businesses that inspire you to work differently or think differently

7. Increase your marketing efforts by being visible via other businesses and being seen by potential clients

8. Increases opportunity for growth, another business may offer new ways of working or ideas for collaborating that you hadn’t thought of

9. Mentorship opportunities, not just for yourself but for your staff, you may be collaborating with a bigger salon or a different service provider who has a skill set that can support others in your team allowing them to talk freely about issues or problems to someone who isn’t directly employed by your business

10. Shared space opportunity, as we all look to cut costs is a sharing of premises something that would be feasible. If you are a stand-alone beauty creative could you reduce your costs by renting space in a larger salon, not only would you reduce your overheads in having your own premises, but you increase your visibility and attract new customers. Similarly, if you’re a mobile technician could you offer mobile service to big salons who may in the post lock down world have clients who do not wish to attend a salon.

Hopefully we have sold you the benefits, especially in this new world we are entering of collaborating with others. Your job now is to think who can best support your business whist you support theirs in return and start making that contact, go collaborate – there is no room for competition anymore