How to get your team back together

June 30, 2020

As we start to plan our return to business, we look at some ways to get your team back together after such a long and difficult break, by being the inspirational, strong leader that we know you are.

1. Look for ways to be a supportive leader, what can you do to support your team, are they facing fresh challenges of their own right now such as childcare issues etc. Try to spend some individual time with each staff member and get a feel for how they are and what they need from you right now

2. Never stop learning, a leader will always face new challenges and things they haven’t had to deal with before. Learn all you can about leadership styles and ways to motivate and inspire and try these new skills out on the job

3. Build trust with your team by taking straight and tackling issues head on as they arise

4. Always maintain confidentiality, never disclose any personal information within your team to others in your team. As the leader you are privy to a raft of information that no one else needs to know. Even if it’s out there, it isn’t professional for you to be part of that chat or those discussions, remember that your team will watch your responses and take note

5. Lead by example, never ask our team to do anything that they know you wouldn’t do

6. Treat everyone as equals, ok you might be the owner and the boss, but you need these guys to perform at their best consistently or you have no business. Ensure that they feel equally invested in the business to help it grow

7. Show kindness and compassion, a great life skill but one of the most unused and important in business. Kindness and compassion go a long way and will help you build your team and your business in ways that you can’t imagine

8. Be the leader, this means stepping up, taking control, making the difficult decisions. This is your role so embrace it, show up

9. Show strength, while others are panicking or stressed, be the one who keeps calm and takes control. This will massively help you in pulling your team back together at a time when the future feels uncertain for many

10. Be prepared to take the tough decisions, that may mean job losses, reduced hours or even closure or radical change within an area of our business. These decisions are not easy, but this is your role within the business, and you must do what is needed to make sure that your business survives, even if it’s tough and unpleasant