How to be a business boss

August 27, 2020

We have all been there, that bad day when you are convinced that you’re the problem and that your business isn’t ever going to be the success that you hoped it would be. It’s times like these where it's useful to have a quick checklist of tips to work through to see if you’re doing as much as you can, or do you need to review your efforts?Check out our tips and see if you get some new ideas or inspiration to get you bossing.  


1.Invest in a fabulous you …. Nothing gives you confidence as much as having the credentials to back up your swagger, so make sure that you educate yourself in your chosen speciality and make sure people know it. Education never ends so keep yourself at the forefront of your profession by keeping up to date and trained in new trends and techniques.  

2.Believe you’re the best …. It’s a bit of a tired clique at the minute but nevertheless true. Half the battle is in your head, so you need to believe that you can do it, to be able to do it. What we believe is what we achieve, if you believe that you’re the best at what you do you will exude the kind of confidence that only the truly best do, once you believe it others will too. And once all your clients believe that you’re the best, guess what you ARE the best!!  

3.Get yourself a winning team …. Even if you’re a one-man band, you still need a team behind you. When you’re running a business there are parts of your life that you still need others to help with, like accounts, childcare or marketing. Don’t forget that you need to also surround yourself with success, so look for people that you admire who have been or are successful in business and absorb as much as you can from them, even their positive energy can give you a boost.    

4.Build on all the chat …. Word of mouth really is the best advertising you can get. People trust people they know or the results they see, and these people can be recommending your service.

5.Get those business costs down …. To be a success your business needs to bring in more than it pays out. It’s impossible to run a business without costs, but the trick is to stay on top of costs and understand what benefit they bring to your business. For example, if you use paid advertising, do you know how many new customers this brings to you? If you have premises, does the cost of running that balance the client numbers or would working from home or mobile be a more cost-effective route for your business. Look at every single little cost that your business incurs and assess if it’s needed and does it have a positive effect on your business.

6.Focus on giving your clients a brilliant experience…. Remember that your clients are your biggest adverts and that doesn’t just extend to making their hair or nails look great, it’s down to the whole customer journey. Make sure they love coming to see you, tailor the experience to them, ask their opinion on your service and what their needs are. Go the extra mile to make sure that they are telling everyone how great your business is, after all your business is all about making your client’s feel great.  

7.Power up your marketing efforts ….Look at your current efforts and the return on that investment (be it money or time). Try out cost effective methods of marketing such as community involvement, networking events, offer regular promotions to loyal clients to get them talking, involve the local press in any promotions or events you hold, even consider advertising your business on your car so that its seen around town constantly.

8.Get your business online …. Seems obvious, but so many businesses ignore or fail to invest properly on this method of marketing and yet all of your clients are online, reading or seeking content.A website is invaluable, client’s may not know what range of services you offeror how they are priced. Your website is a great chance to get all of that information to them, as well as giving them the chance to book your services there and then, if you operate an online booking system. And don’t forget social media, you probably use it personally, but do you use it for your business? and if you do, are you exploiting it to its fullest potential? It’s hard to grow your business without having a strong online presence so invest the time and effort on getting this bit right.