How cancellations inspired my business

April 22, 2020


Cancellations are the number one bug bear of many a beauty creative no matter what service you offer. But for me I saw it as an opportunity to change the market and turn it into an advantage.


As a previous aesthetics business owner, I have been on the sharp end of the cancellation’s conundrum, the last minute, “sorry can’t make it” scenario. And like everyone else I just assumed it was a part of my business that I had little control over.


Oddly it wasn’t as the affected business owner that I took action, it was as a client!


I am in the habit of having my hair regularly, professionally washed and blow dried, so I was delighted when a dedicated blow dry salon near me. I was less delighted when the salon phone just rang out or took ages to be answered and when they never ever had any same or next day appointments available. For me as a client I wanted to get up, see what a mess my hair was and get an appointment that day. As a business owner I knew that they must have cancellations and I knew that I didn’t know about them, so I couldn’t take that last-minute cancellation that I knew I would want. This seemed crazy to me – hence The Beauty App was born.


The premise of the App is that your clients have the App on their phone and when a cancellation is recorded on the booking system it automatically appears on your clients phones allowing them to know of all cancellations you have right away and buy that cancellation through the App (either deposit taken or full payment upfront remotely) .


I saw this as a simple win for me as a business owner because I no longer needed to go away from doing my day job and randomly post that cancellation on Facebook or Instagram hoping that a one of my clients would see it in time and take it.


The win for the client is simple, a last-minute chance to sort that bad hair day or have an unplanned facial on their day off, just because they can.


But the App doesn’t stop there, I wanted cancellations to appear to ALL clients in your area even if they don’t come to your salon, so by appearing on the App you get free marketing too.


The way I see it is if we come together and build a beauty community we can feed each other, you get your cancellations filled , maybe you get a few new clients as a result of your cancellation and best of all your client’s get an appointment that suits them that they didn’t need to book.


The moral of this little story was that sometimes the thing that bugs you most (cancellations and not getting a same day appointment in my case) can be the very thing that makes you stop and think and decide to do something different that might just take that bug bear and make it a golden opportunity. Your job now is to think what bugs you most and how can you turn it around and do something incredible with it.