Don't You Forget About Me !!!!

April 11, 2020

Don’t you forget about me

Ok so it may be a very old cheesy song, but just stop for a minute and ask yourself what you’re currently doing during lock down to make sure that your clients don’t forget about you. Have a look at our checklist and make sure that your ticking all these boxes and your clients know that you haven’t forgotten about them.


1.    Being indoors doesn’t stop you getting into your client’s head and home. Think about it, if you are the blow dry queen get yourself on video showcasing exactly how you make your clients look so fantastic and send it direct to all your blow dry clients. Now I know that clients are currently being inundated with videos from all sorts of creatives on styling their hair. But remember that YOU are their beauty creative - they know you're great and don’t underestimate how much a video sent personally to clients who use your service will be, it shows you care it shows your thinking of them and you’re a very welcome familiar face.

2.    Offer a reward for booking an appointment in advance of lock down ending- maybe even consider a free treatment if clients bring a paying friend along – this won’t be as hard hitting as you may think as its likely that you will retain that friend as a client and continue to reap the reward of that freebie as well as enduring loyalty from that original client for a very long time

3.    Be social, make sure that you stay in touch with clients over this period. Don’t underestimate how welcome contact from you will be. Try emails for clients that you don’t feel you know too well and text for those who are repeat well-known clients. Now is a great time to startup a newsletter maybe outlining all the local chat your hearing, maybe giving some beauty tips etc. You could set up a Facebook page for clients to chat and don’t forget you can also make personal phone calls, especially welcome for elderly clients who live alone


It might surprise you just how much you benefit from these small interactions too so if you’re not already doing it...give these tips a try.