Be more you ….

August 13, 2020

Our last blog post spoke about using social media to help your business, now we focus on how to relax and just be yourself on social media, allowing your clients to understand the essence of your business and want to be part of it.


1.Post what you know about …. Your businesses showcases a skill you have so show it off. Don’t try to be all things, talk about what you know about, create value and trust for your social media followers by being knowledgeable in your subject. Don’t put on a show and don’t get drawn into topics or conversations where you don’t feel able or comfortable in commenting on or being a part of.

2.Create social media content around your followers needs…. Remember the post isn’t being read, liked or commented on by you. Create content that your follow base will find interesting or informative. We have all seen the social media images of rows and rows of pictures of nails or eyebrows, whilst this may showcase how skilled you are, it becomes visually boring after a few pictures. Instead, how can you showcase your skills whilst keeping it interesting, what do your social media followers want to see or read from you? If you don’t know, ask them.

3.Figure out your own route and what works for you …. Remember above all people want to see authenticity, they don’t want to see/read fake posts or bragging or anything that calls your integrity into question. Connect with your followers, ask what they want to see from you, but provide it in a way that works for you. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face in posts then don’t, figure out how to cater for your followers whilst maintaining your own personal boundaries. If you post content that isn’t comfortable for you then you lose the authenticity of the post and if feels like an act and fake to your followers.

4.Find your sweet spot …. This is different for all of us. You may be happy to video lots of content around our world, your life etc, while for others this feels like too much information to give out.Your follow numbers, your comments etc will soon tell you what works for your audience and what doesn’t. Remember what your audience wants changes too, gauge how much of you to share (within your comfort boundaries) and then look at the results. Generally, people like to see your world and share its ups and downs so don’t let the fear of oversharing hold you back.

5.Stop thinking about it so much …. Over thinking is something most of us are guilty of, you worry, did you post too much, too little, was it right was it wrong. Let it go, you will generally find that if you post authentically what feels comfortable and right for you, then the post will be right for your social media following too.