5 ways to be more productive

June 8, 2020

As we start to prepare for the easing of lock down and think about a possible return to our working lives, we look at ways of easing back into being more productive ;


1.    Start your day with a shot of protein, either protein powder in a shake or eggs are a great way to get your protein intake up with your first meal of the day. Protein is vital for your hair, skin and gut health so use this important mealtime to get your fix

2.    Get writing, start your day by writing down your intentions and thoughts for the day. This is a great empowering way to start your day by being focussed on action

3.    Collaborate, working with others to support each other’s business aims is a great way to boost productivity by giving you the additional motivation that a fresh pair of eyes can bring. Never underestimate the power of being accountable to others in terms of boosting your productivity as well as the power of knowing that your helping someone else live their dream too

4.    Focus on the more difficult tasks first, you know the does that you want to put off or that seem too daunting. Get them out of the way first then you know it’s done, and the rest of the day is easy

5.    Stop multi-tasking, the brain really can’t do more than one thing at a time even if it feels like it can. Even if you are listening to the radio whilst doing something, there will be points that you focus on the radio and not the task in hand and vice versa. Ditch the pressure and do one task in a focussed determined way. Not only will your outcomes be better, but your stress levels will reduce dramatically


Now is a great time to work through these top tips and see how they affect you before we ramp up and find ourselves back on the work, home family treadmill again.