Frequently Asked Questions

So let's get you familiar with some answers to your questions?

Some of our customers before signing up want to know a bit more about our platform, so I hope we can answer your questions here or simply signup and get access to our support knowledge base with videos and feedback that we provide for Salon and Mobile customers:

So if I signup what do I get?

The Beauty App platform is made form 3 separate components that are completely FREE for you to use:

  1. The Beauty App Pro - Diary Management Online software with unique cancellation management, where you can hold staff info, client info, create, update or cancel your appointments and use our unique cancellations features to get your money back you're losing.
  2. Your Salon/Mobile Business Microsite Website (Optional) - We provide you with a site when you've built a customised menu from inside The Beauty App Pro, that you can publish online for your customers to book into your diary.
  3. The Beauty App - Our unique cancellations and late availability mobile App. Available initially on iOS (Android coming soon) for your existing clients to buy your cancellations direct via the app that you had thought you'd lost money on. You can also market and advertise to new customers who don't know about you yet via the app. We also have planned COVID special features such as COVID pre-screening consultation confirmations and "We are ready for you" alerting to save your clients hanging about waiting for you to prep for their visit. Booking via the app will be coming soon amongst many other features. You'll be paid direct from the app for any sales and it lets you communicate with your customers.

How do I signup?

Just go to our home page and look up top right and you'll see a Signup button or alternatively click on the link below and you'll be taken straight there:


Is the system easy to use?

Yes, it's extremely easy to use, it was specifically designed by customers who have little technical knowledge and it needs no visits from us or any specific training to set up or use. Sign up takes less than 60 seconds and once you’ve setup payment processing then your online booking can be undertaken.

What type of salons or professions can use the booking system?

We have tried to cover all professions we see in the beauty & wellness industry. All categories predefined in our categories list are visible on this website, however are as follows (with sub categories within):

  1. Nutrition
  2. Fitness Training
  3. Spa/Massage
  4. Botox
  5. Makeup
  6. Nails
  7. Spray tan
  8. Brows & Lashes
  9. Hairdressing
  10. Skin
  11. Waxing

Profession types we assume to be covered - Shop based, Home based or Mobile professions.

Do I have to create a menu?

No, we have a predefined menu for each profession type shown above. The list is not exhaustive however, we have taken the majority of appointment types from the customer feedback we researched. When setting up your online webpage via our system you will be able to add your personalised descriptions for appointment types called “Meta Data” and that will allow your customers to get a personalised feel for the appointment they are booking online, in essence creating your personalised menu as you go, with less work as this becomes optional.

Do I need my own website to use your booking system?

No, we host you on The Beauty App website as a micro site free of charge with your contact details, your menu, your prices, your availability, and only you can see any bookings that come through. The only thing you will need is access to a laptop or tablet to use the booking system.

Can I continue to use my own website for bookings?

You can use your own website for information and content, however we would only provide a link to our microsite for booking at present. Future development may offer direct booking via your site as a widget, however as there are so many different levels of standards for websites, we want to give your business the benefits of our technology and online marketing and let you get back to doing what you love the most which is your profession.

Can I sell products using the system?

We will be adding inventory management to The Beauty App shortly - this development is in the pipeline.

Will the system be linked to Facebook?

Yes you will be able to add a link to your webpage that goes to your microsite (hosted free by The Beauty App) and bookings can added in that way.

Will the system be linked to Instagram?

Yes you will be able to add a link to your bio that goes to your microsite (hosted free by The Beauty App) and bookings can added in that way. We expect to move to the "Book Now" button feature on IG in the future.

Is my customer data secure & backed up?

Yes, all our platform content, especially customer data is backed up daily and is held securely in the cloud with our hosting partners Google.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we comply to all GDPR principles set out by the legislation. We do not “own” your data, we simply hold it for you under our platform T&C’s and will never share or sell your data with anyone. We do not solicit any users or customers of the system without your consent or in any unprofessional manner as agreed to in our T&C’s.

So what does it cost?

We are completely FREE when you signup to use The Beauty App Pro diary management service.

So what do I get for FREE?

  • Book Appointments into your schedule over the phone, in person or online
  • Delete Appointments (with an undo function)
  • Customer Email Notifications for their Appointment (SMS coming soon)
  • Update Appointments if you’ve got changes to make
  • Cancel Appointments (and automatically list them on our mobile App to thousands of customers)
  • Auto-update your Schedules Appointments from Cancellations sold on the mobile app
  • Cancellation Payment – Get Paid direct when a cancellation is sold
  • Add Customers at appointment time or when you have time
  • Create Staff Lists and align to an appointment to them
  • See a month, week or daily appointment views including a list of upcoming appointments
  • Marketing on our mobile app to reach your customers without doing anything
  • Facebook Button for online redirection to your website/microsite
  • Users FAQ Support Site with helpful videos on our features
  • Support Ticketing (24hr)
  • Live Chat Support (when available)

*All with access to our 3000 active Instagram users which grows daily

So how do we make any money?

We are keen to keep as much of the platform as free as possible, however there will be some charges for the services that use SMS and products alike where we incur costs, and we do obviously have to make some money to keep the lights on. However its more important that we grow as you grow so we offer incentives by referral as we introduce features to our priority signups.

What we charge for:-

  • Currently we charge a commission ONLY on SOLD Cancellations or Late Availability posted direct from the The Beauty App Pro diary management system to our mobile app. Posting is FREE as suggested above so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Our cancellation commission is set at 9% plus payment processor fess. All payment processing is 1.4%+20p for European cards. 2.9%+20p for International cards. Payment payment processing fee is set by Stripe (our payments partner) not us.
  • Salons will pay payment processing fees (stated above) on all transactions regardless of whether or not they are refunded.

What methods of communication do my clients get?

Initially all client communications go via email, however we plan to bring on SMS by end of June, and WhatsApp and other methods such as FB Messenger later this year.

Can I email my client their appointment booking notifications?

Within the service is appointment booking notifications and 24hr reminders out of the box. Coming very soon is client information communications such as COVID pre-screening and much more. Details to be confirmed on our website so stay tuned.

Are email client notifications free?

Yes, our email notifications service is incorporated free of charge.

Can I SMS my client their appointment booking notifications?

Our SMS service will launch by end of June. Within the service is appointment booking notifications, 24hr reminders, client information communications such as COVID pre-screening and much more. Details to be confirmed on our website.

Is SMS marketing or client notifications free?

Our SMS service will launch by end of June and customer notifications will be charged monthly. Pricing plans are still to be released for this. Details to be confirmed on our website so stay tuned.

Is my marketing free?

Yes, we offer free marketing via our mobile app with the future plans of free & paid email marketing via the platform to keep your communications flowing with your customers for alerts or information about your salon or mobile service.

Can my clients book online?

Yes! Our FREE microsite service where your clients will book from your customised menu will be available by end of June for you to publish and let all your clients know that you are taking online bookings.

Where can my clients see their booked appointment details?

When they book online the clients will receive an email and if you have signed up to the SMS service they will also receive a text. They will also receive a link to download the mobile app and view their booking there too. If they don't have a iPhone, then they will also receive a link via email where they can login and retrieve the booking details.

Will a new customer who books online appear in my customer list?

They will now appear in your customer list yes! They will also have been sent their consultation forms (COVID version dependant on launch date), so you're all set to welcome them to your salon.

Do we offer a Point of Sale device for contactless payment?

We don't directly offer a device to partner with yet, however we are in the process of integrating with SumUp, processing payments from our mobile app and await the announcement of Stripe UK POS devices for contactless use however we only currently process payments from the mobile app for cancellations. Our currently signed up users will be informed of progress on this.

Can I bulk import my clients?

At the moment no, however it is a feature we expect to bring onboard this year. However we make it very easy for you to add your clients as you create appointments or from a list one at a time, so it is not all bad news.

Can I add my staff?

Yes, you can directly add a staff member when adding your first appointment. You can also see a staff list, add, update or delete a staff member from the staff list page. It's really that simple.

Can I see multiple staff diaries?

Not yet, its something we have been working on, however you can work from one diary with multiple staff, or if you rent chairs in your salon, then our suggestion is have each member signup and manage their own diary.

Can I integrate my accounting software?

We have plans to integrate with Xero and Quickbooks to help you manage invoicing, accounts, stock and the usual VAT implications of running a business.

What countries do we support?

At the moment we offer UK, US and Australia currency support on the platform. More countries coming soon.

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