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Slow down and catch your breath
December is always crazy in the beauty industry, but after months of lockdown this year is set to be busier than usual so we have put together 5 quick ways to slow down keep calm and relax even when your crazy busy
December 7, 2020
Why your business needs a website
We give you 5 reasons why NOT having a dedicated website for your beauty business is just like giving money away
December 3, 2020
Let's plan 2021
It's time to plan ahead, let's look at what we need to be doing in business next year pandemic or not !!
December 2, 2020
Get Branded
What is a business brand and why do you need one?
November 30, 2020
How to shoot your clients
Get your smartphone out and use our top tips to take professional looking photos of your clients to showcase how fabulous you are.
November 26, 2020
Let’s talk about your client’s journey
So, what exactly do I mean and why is it a useful exercise for you to do in your beauty business? The client’s journey is basically the point at which the client finds you through to completion of their treatment and every single point in between.
October 9, 2020
Three things that you need to consider before buying an appointment booking system….
We guide you through how to select the right system for you and your business
September 28, 2020
When all you need is a hug ....
As we enter Autumn and the possibility of a second wave of Covid this is the ideal time to learn a bit about Hygge and how it can help to control your anxiety ....
September 24, 2020
Marketing tips you need to know
As The Beauty App releases its long awaited cancellations app, featuring FREE marketing for all businesses who sign up (oh and sign up is FREE too), we take a look at some top tips for marketing your business that get client’s in the door.
September 1, 2020
How to be a business boss
Top tips for making it in the business world when you feel like giving up
August 27, 2020
Keep calm and carry on ….
3 top tips to help you control your emotions and keep calm.
August 17, 2020
Be more you ….
Top tips to be your authentic self on social media
August 13, 2020
Why your social media isn’t getting you results?
We highlight the main reasons why your social media isn’t growing or giving you the results, you want and how to change it- fast
August 7, 2020
Questions that may define your business in this new world
What are the questions you need to answer now to define how your business operates?
August 4, 2020
How to get your team back together
As we start to plan our return to business, we look at some ways to get your team back together after such a long and difficult break, by being the inspirational, strong leader that we know you are.
June 30, 2020
The 10 best bits of advice I got that inspired me to live the dream of having my own business
Founder & CEO of The Beauty App shares the words of wisdom that have kept her going when running a business just seems too tough ….
June 22, 2020
How to make sure that your business survives any crisis
We offer 4 steps to make sure that your business can adapt to any crisis it may face not just now but, in the future, ….
June 19, 2020
Inspire Me
The Beauty App rounds up 20 of the best inspirational quotes to keep you inspired and motivated.
June 16, 2020
Is collaboration the new competition?
As far back as time began businesses selling the same services have seen themselves in competition with other similar or same businesses types. But our world has changed, do we really need to compete, or should we now collaborate?
June 15, 2020
Is your business socially responsible?
In this year of change, one thing that has emerged is the need for businesses, no matter how big or small to demonstrate to customers that they are socially responsible, so how do you prove your credentials?
June 9, 2020
5 ways to be more productive
The Beauty App shares some top tips to increase your productivity
June 8, 2020
Why you should be using online consultation forms
We give you 20 great reasons why this is now a must have for your business
June 3, 2020
What’s happening out there?
We take a look at what the beauty industries in other countries are doing to combat the spread of Coronavirus.
May 28, 2020
Will we be different after lock down …? And what does this mean for your business
We examine anticipated behaviour changes and why you need to know about them and adapt your business to meet them.
May 22, 2020
Manage your money – crisis or not
10 savvy ways to manage your money
May 21, 2020
Looking after you
How to do it all …… and thrive
May 19, 2020
How to increase your prices AND keep your clients
We share 10 of the best strategies for increasing your prices without losing your clients in the process
May 12, 2020
Don’t give up on your business
5 ways to pivot your business to meet the new challenges and your new outlook
May 11, 2020
“Optimism is so amazing it doesn’t matter if it's yours or not” - Simple steps to becoming optimistic
What is an optimistic person like and how can you become that?
May 7, 2020
Will this be the new norm?
Early Indicators of a new way of working are now being seen across Europe where beauty salons/hairdressers have started to re-open. We examine what new guidance has been issued to them and how similar guidance in the UK may affect how you will need to operate your business when lockdown eases.
May 5, 2020
Why you need an appointment booking system
We review what an appointment booking system can do for your beauty business no matter how small you think you are.
April 30, 2020
10 ways to prosper in a crisis
How to grow your business even though we are in the midst of a crisis
April 28, 2020
What’s so great about you?
Why is creating a niche so important for your business?
April 27, 2020
Keep what you've got  
The biggest mistake we all make and how to fix it
April 23, 2020
How cancellations inspired my business
Find out how I turned an annoyance into a business
April 22, 2020
Create your own business lockdown EXIT strategy
5 things you need to be doing right now to get your business ready for lockdown ending.
April 16, 2020
Talking Tips
5 tips to use your chat to effectively engage your clients
April 15, 2020
Life after lockdown
10 points to consider for your business when lockdown ends
April 13, 2020
Don't You Forget About Me !!!!
Tips and Tricks to keep close to your clients during lockdown
April 11, 2020
Get Social
How to get social media working for you
April 7, 2020
Do you have a plan when it all goes wrong?
Your guide to planning business continuity when it all goes wrong
April 4, 2020
Do you know why your clients come back?
How to find out
April 2, 2020
Let’s keep sharing after lock down
How sharing with other businesses benefits you and how to do it
March 31, 2020
Beast your business - Right Now!!
How to grow your business during lockdown
March 30, 2020
5 ways to enjoy client loyalty
Follow our tips to gain client loyalty
March 28, 2020
Cancellations - Annoying or enlightening?
What do cancellations teach you
February 21, 2019
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