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Why build The Beauty App ?

The Beauty App was born out of frustration on my behalf. Frustration at not being able to wake up, look at my hair and think OMG this needs sorted out today - and be able to get it sorted out today.

I was frustrated that as an aesthetics nurse, I knew from painful experience how hard it was to fill cancellations, so I knew that beauticians and hairdressers etc had cancellations - often. And as a customer of those services I knew that there were times I just wanted/needed a treatment now, today. Yet despite searching I couldn’t find anything that showed me who had a cancellation in my area that day and allowed me to fill it. The idea for The Beauty App was born right there.

The Beauty App is a 100% self-owned business, we have no investors and therefore do not need to meet sales targets or profits. We built the booking system and the app, in house utilising our own development skills, honed over many years of working for big companies, therefore we can amend and develop the system as quickly as you tell us, as well as deal with any issues that may arise immediately.

We are keen to work collaboratively with all our customers and deliver a brilliant service and innovative system that is fit and adaptive for future needs.

When you talk to The Beauty App you are talking to the founders and developers who have built the brand so you are assured of our commitment and passion at all times.

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CEO & Founder
The Beauty App
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